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Thank you. Seriously.

We can’t believe how quickly time has zoomed past!

It’s been such a crazy and wholesome adventure – from conceptualising a self-sustaining platform for contributors to upload and share material where beneficiaries can easily download them, to attracting organic, donated content in our library.

More than anything, we've loved the real-world impact on students who've saved time, effort and money as a result of our platform. It's made the running costs (web hosting, server and maintenance costs) which we absorb, all worth it!

Now, time for some "humble brags".

Welcoming old and new members into Our Community

The community on this platform never ceases to amaze us. Within a short span of a few months (since our launch at the start of 2021), there have been over 6,000 visitors! Of which, over 4,000 of these amazing people were first-time visitors!

New, organic content

The Pay It Forward mentality has clearly been passed on to our fellow members. We have continually received new content uploaded into our library by anonymous and named contributors. A great example of such materials are in the Financial Accounting module (ACCT101), where numerous files of Notes, Questions and even Zipped Folders were uploaded.

Special Mentions

Of course, many of you have also reached out personally to thank us for the platform and showed us how something as simple as notes has helped you in your academic lives and saved you the tremendous trouble of "self-sourcing". Your words have not fallen on deaf ears - here're some comments which really touched our hearts.

Hi, just wanna extend my thanks for opening a platform like noteslah. Its rlly quite resourceful and I was able to gain value and supplement my own learning with notes from there. Appreciate the initiative (: I. Fong
Love what you're doing with NotesLah. Wished I had that when I was still studying in SMU! G. Chuan
Well as a SMU student, there are always those "senior notes" or I've to self sourced from studocu or course hero, which could be challenging 😂 E. Chua

Here at noteslah, we'll continue to furnish and improve the site based on your feedback and user experiences. It has been an adrenaline-pumping start to this platform's journey and we're glad to have you on board with us.

Please help to spread the word by sharing noteslah's website to your friends who might benefit from free study notes.

If you would like to contribute to the cause by sharing your notes, you can upload (and upcycle) your notes here!


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